The Story Behind the 'Trees Along The Canal'


This week I highlight the story of Mary Mollica and her photo of trees along the DeWitt canal in New York. She is one of the eight winners of the Best Onondaga County Tree Photo Challenge, an interactive art project that asked Onondaga County residents to go into nature, find the most beautiful trees in our county, and send their suggestions to me with a photo.

Describe yourself: name, age, location, what do you do for a living and what are some of your hobbies? Mary Mollica, 47, Liverpool, NY  Artist & Owner of The Decorative Paintbrush, It's funny that you ask about "hobbies" because I really don't have any I don't think? lol! My profession and my hobbies all sort of intertwine. I love to paint, hunt for antiques and refurbish them into art.  I also love photography & writing my blog-you name it!  If it's creative I'm trying it!

Why did you choose to photograph this particular tree/ trees? I loved the way the colors of this particular tree and its surroundings all worked together.  It just looked so peaceful and serene.

What time of the year was it?  I took this at the beginning of Fall

What is the exact location of this tree? This tree was at one of the stops/entrances along the Erie Canal in DeWitt

Do you know the type of tree you have captured? Does this tree have a particular meaning to you? I believe it's an Oak Tree.  Like I said, I was drawn to it because of its vibrant colors, as if it were ablaze against the cool back drop of the sky & water.  I love the way the Oak tree develops from a tiny acorn into a mighty, intricate tree-old and wise. 

How did you find out about this challenge? I found about this challenge via Face Book

The making of the 'Trees Along The Canal'     

The reason why I chose to paint this tree is very simple: I LOVE FALL COLORS and this photo truly capture the hues of this beautiful season. Below you will see the development of this painting.

The finished piece is a 30x24" acrylic on gallery wrap canvas and was completed during the month of March of 2015.

Trees Along The Canal, 30x24" acrylic on canvas by Maria Rizzo.

Trees Along The Canal, 30x24" acrylic on canvas by Maria Rizzo.