Art business advising for the aspiring professional fine artist


Do you wish you had someone to talk to for insightful advice on how to transform your passion into a business?
Do you wish you had somebody to talk to about solutions to specific art business problems?

I will work with you one-on-one to solve a specific problem or goal. As a mentor, I will make sure to lead you in the right direction and provide you with the best resources out there to solve specific problems. I love working with fine artists and helping them find focus in starting and growing their business.  

I can help you with the following:

  • WEBSITE REVIEW - I will help determine if your website is effective and give you tips on how to optimize it to achieve your desired goals.
  • PORTFOLIO REVIEW - I will give you constructive feedback.
  • MARKETING -  I will help you understand how to use social media effectively. I will teach you how to start a Facebook page and an Instagram account. I will help you learn how to use a press release to power up your visibility in your community and beyond.
  • BRANDING – I’ll help you understand how the world perceives you and use it to better position your unique voice/brand through your marketing efforts.
  • FOCUS - Based on your vision and goals I will help you map out the steps necessary to undertake your dream with confidence and ease.


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Let's talk, first. – To set up a time, please do the following:

 Send me an e-mail at with “Art Business Advising” as the subject line.

In the body of the email write me specifically what you need help with and include the links to your artwork or website and a good time to meet and talk.

After our conversation,  we will plan our next session according to your needs!


Since 2009, I have been extremely focused on learning how to become a professional fine artist. I have invested a lot of my energies, time and money to learn the ins and outs of art marketing, business strategies and personal growth by:
    •     studying numerous books on these topics,
    •     attending a business bootcamp for creatives created by the renowned New York Foundation of the Arts in 2012,
    •    working with a business coach during the years of 2013 and 2014,
    •    taking classes and continuously learning from a prominent business strategist in 2015,  
    •    and moderating a roundtable for women in the creative business at the Wise Center at The Tech Garden for the summer of 2015.

Maria Rizzo’s paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout the northeast of the United States and abroad, including the ArtRage Gallery in Syracuse, NY; the  RSI Bank's 3rd Annual Artists Contest in Rahway, N.J.; and the Museo d' Arte Contemporanea di Lissone in Italy. Rizzo is also the recipient of several awards and honors, in addition to the 2014 Individual Artist Commission from CNY Arts, she is the recipient of an Honorable Mention from the RSI Bank's 3rd Annual Artists Contest in Rahway, N.J., she is the former Artist-in-Residence and Curator at The Tech Garden in Syracuse, New York and she is a 2012 NYFA Mark Alumna. Maria Rizzo was born in Bologna, Italy in 1987.