Williamsburg Oils

Modern, Graceful and Bright

~ New Oil Paintings ~

Spring is finally here.

The days are warmer and the seasonal allergies are CRAZY annoying - thank goodness for antihistamine, right!?

Altogether, spring is an inspirational season, and creativity has been hanging out in my studio quite a bit!

I'm very excited to introduce you to 10 new oil paintings that share 3 qualities:

  1. they are modern,
  2. they are graceful,
  3. and they are airy.

Each artwork was painted with Williamsburg hand crafted oils on the finest-quality pure-cotton canvas. They are ready to hang and become a focal point in your home.  You can click to each image to go to my online store.


All artwork is wrapped in paper, padded extremely well, and sent in a well-fitting sturdy cardboard box. Most artwork will ship via USPS or UPS and most packages arrive within 2-4 days (domestic) from time of shipping (includes tracking & insurance). 

$15.00 shipping costs cover fees, packaging supplies, time, labor, and storage.  


Absolutely!  You are welcome and encouraged to pick-up your artwork in person at Natur-Tyme in DeWitt, NY.  To forgo shipping fees altogether, write me an email at mariarizzoart@gmail.com with the desired artwork you want to purchase. Then I will send you an invoice and we will work out a time to meet.  


Patrons who have purchased original art from me are eligible for their 10% discount. Make sure to write me an email at mariarizzoart@gmail.com to request your discount code.

Expressive Nature

I'm excited to introduce you to this new series of acrylic and oil paintings on canvas that celebrate a love for nature and trees. These recent artworks were created with a colorful, expressive, and whimsical signature style and they were designed to capture the emotional aspect of looking at nature.

These paintings can be viewed at Natur-Tyme until June 26, 2016, along with new open edition prints (starting at $25) and magnets ($6 and $8 each).

Also, I have partnered with fineartamerica.com to provide you with:

  • prints on fine art paper, canvas, and metal; 
  • home decor items like bedding, pillows, shower curtains;  
  • phone cases and tote bags.

Make sure to check it out!