New Small Oil Paintings from the VELATURA Series

I am so happy to introduce you to some of my new small paintings from my new series called VELATURA.

What does VELATURA mean?

The term velatura reflects my painting process, which consists of the fabrication, subtle layers upon layers of color, of dreamlike, and sometimes playful, realities.

I adore creating art based on the real world but vividly transformed by my infatuation for soothing colors like purples, greens, and blues.

I truly enjoy creating paintings that reflect my admiration for nature's creative force. With each brushstroke, I feel a connection with its whimsical energy.

My approach to painting depends on the complexity of the subject.

To add to the realism of the painting, I add the velatura, which are numerous glazes of color.

When I paint evocative nature scenes, I play with blue-brown washes and bold, bright marks which slowly morph into a suggestive landscape.

This creative process begins with a dynamic abstraction and ends into a believable, yet personal, reality.

You can find my paintings at Natur-Tyme, 3160 Erie Blvd. East
DeWitt, NY or on my online shop.

Let me know if you have any questions!