Land Art

In order to grow as an artist, the best thing to do is to try something new and get out of your comfort zone. I would describe myself as a traditional two-dimensional artist; therefore, with this land art project, I was able to think outside of the box and instead of drawing with the typical pencil and paper, I went outside and started designing with what the land had to offer.

For my first Land Art project, I decided to create a Mandala design by using leaves and pines cones found and collected around the yard. My process was simple, I started with the yellow maple leaves and designed an oval, then I added the green lilac leaves and the brown pine cones to further develop that mandala and to create some contrast. I let three weeks pass by, and it was interesting to notice how the leaves were the most effected by the weather and the passage of time; yet, a couple of weeks later, I started to see a fading in the pine cones, as well,  and the mandala was almost unrecognizable. The elements I had used to draw in the landscape went back to their real purpose of decay and renewal.

For my second project, I decided to create an installation of leaves tied by the stems on the branches of a bare arctic kiwi plant. After a month the vibrancy of the fall colors faded away.

For my third art project, I wanted to depict how the sun had an important role in creating instant drawings through its dramatic play of of lights and shadows.

For my fourth project, I decided to use recycled brown paper, braided tall weeds and plant to create lines which either flowed harmoniously with the landscape or harshly contrasted with it.

Lastly, I wanted to depict how a small land art design can have a great visual impact on the landscape, if even for a very brief period.

In conclusion, what I have learned from land art is that the creative process is more important than the final art piece, which is short-lived. While working on these art projects, I witnessed nature as a constant dynamic force. Through the sun, rain, and snow influencing and destroying my land art pieces, I felt the never ending energy and its effortless flow, and I saw the beauty of life in all its glory.