Artist-in-Residence at Natur-Tyme

Photo Credits: Alice G. Patterson Photography and A-List Artistry

Photo Credits: Alice G. Patterson Photography and A-List Artistry

Natur-Tyme is much more than your average health food store, carrying more than 10,000 grocery products (including over 1,000 gluten-free products), over 220 brands of supplements, a wide array of health and beauty products, high-quality pet food and pet supplements, and now providing an art gallery in their Community Corner to promote the talents of local professional artists as well as to bring cultural enhancement to the local community frequenting the store.

I have been selected as Natur-Tyme’s Artist-In-Residence and my goal is to create a thriving local art section in the store. I will be educating the community about the importance of the fine arts through talks and workshops. My responsibilities are:

  1. to help the local community find high-quality works of art with different price ranges,

  2. to expose the community to our local artists and their art services,

  3. to recruit excellent artworks and wares by professionals and trusted local artists and crafters.

I will showcase my original paintings, fine art prints and much more at the store for the entire time I fulfill the role of Artist-in-Residence at Natur-Tyme.